Meet Wyatt

Raised in the Black Hills, Wyatt has been an avid outdoorsman since he could remember. From ripping through the Hills on the back of his Dad’s 4-wheeler, to hiking throughout the entirety of the hills, biking the Mickleson Trail, and climbing in the granite spires of Custer or the Limestone of Spearfish Canyon. After graduating from Stevens High School in Rapid City in 2015, Wyatt couldn’t bring himself to leave the Hills and enrolled at Black Hills State University. His experiences at BHSU and in the Northern Hills at large, have all but cemented him as a lifelong resident of South Dakota. While at BH, Wyatt has taken every opportunity possible to get involved on Campus and within the community. Between leading the school spirit club, to volunteering for the school’s diversion program, to becoming President of the Student Body and starting and leading a Rotaract club on campus to increase campus involvement in the community and abroad. Throughout his time at BH, and especially because of his experiences in Student Senate and lobbying State Legislators, Wyatt’s interest in politics and desire to make change outside of campus and within his community grew. Wyatt believes that in order for South Dakota and Lawrence County to succeed we must focus on the future of the place that we call home. We must protect the Black Hills that we all love so dearly. We must ensure that we can afford to continue to live comfortably in these beautiful places, and we must ensure that we have jobs for our young people so that they can stay and raise their families here. And Wyatt wants to ensure that those individuals children can receive a quality public education to adequately prepare them for the workforce that they will face in Modern America. Wyatt’s plan is a long term one, and he’s willing to see it through to the end.

Being out in the Hills always puts a smile on Wyatt's face. He wants future generations to be able to have the same incredible experiences that he's had.      

As a young person, Wyatt considers himself to have a different perspective than many of those that are currently serving in the State Legislature. He views this as an advantage to not only himself but also the people of Lawrence County. He wishes to serve his constituents in the Legislature by acting as a vessel for their beliefs. He also wants to advocate for what’s best for South Dakotans, rather than play partisan politics. A vote for Wyatt is not a vote against anyone or anything, but a vote for the future, the future of Lawrence County, and the future of South Dakota.

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